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Phalcon PhP - 如何禁用动作的主要布局

I'm creating a action in one of my phalcon controller which will be used to generate a print version of a page. Here is my print.volt layout:

<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en">
<!-- Begin page content -->
<div class="container">
    {% block content %}{% endblock %}

And my view:

{% extends "layouts/print.volt" %}
{% block content %}
    <script type="text/javascript">
{% endblock %}

It is working, but my problem is that the content generated is inserted inside another layout that has the {{ content() }} tag. At the end O get a page with all the website menus, my print.volt and my view. I would like to know how can I get just the view inserted inside the print.volt, without the master layout. How can I disable this behavior?

Thanks for any help!

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  • doujiu8479 2016-08-08 14:03

    Two options come to mind.

    1) Use Simple view, which can render a template without the layout:

    $view = new \Phalcon\Mvc\View\Simple();
    $html = $view->render('template-name', $params);

    This option is also really handy when generating HTML for email sending.

    2) Disable the layout for the current Controller::method


    3) Update: Timothy recommended an alternative to (2)

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