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jQuery DataTable返回带有数据的PHP脚本

I currently have this function below:

 function renderDataTable(serviceUrl)
   var $dataTable = $('#example1').DataTable({
     "ajax": serviceUrl

When the page is ready, I use this to send the url to set the table:

 renderDataTable('api/qnams_all.php');  // api/qnams_all.php is the serviceUrl

I'm trying to send some values to a PHP script and return the records entered by the user:

 $('#searchSubmit').on('click', function (){
   var searchbooking = $('#searchbooking').val();
   var searchquote = $('#searchquote').val();

   $.post('api/qnams_test.php', {searchbooking: searchbooking, searchquote: searchquote}, function(data)
     // I tried to do this as well ↓↓
     // renderDataTable('api/qnams_test.php' + data);
     // not successful

In the above $.post, I am sending the parameters to a different URL. I want to return the URL to the serviceUrl in renderDataTable(serviceUrl) so that the data refreshes with the new records.

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  function renderDataTable(  serviceUrl)
 var $ dataTable = $('#example1')。DataTable({


  renderDataTable('api / qnams_all.php');  // api / qnams_all.php是serviceUrl 


 var searchbooking = $('#searchbooking')。val(); 
 var  searchquote = $('#searchquote')。val(); 
 $ .post('api / qnams_test.php',{searchbooking:searchbooking,searchquote:searchquote},function(data)
 renderDataTable  ('api / qnams_test.php'); 
 // renderDataTable('api / qnams_test.php'+ data); 
})  ; 

在上面的$ .post中,我将参数发送到不同的URL。 我想将URL返回到 renderDataTable(serviceUrl)中的serviceUrl,以便数据刷新新记录。

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  • douanrang4728 2016-05-13 20:26

    The function in your post is a promise function on success of the post. so what ever you echo in your php script is going to be in the "data" that is the argument to the function. Try the following and see what exactly you're getting. Then use it as needed.

    $.post('api/qnams_test.php', {
        searchbooking: searchbooking
        , searchquote: searchquote}
        , function(data) {
     function renderDataTable(d){
        for(item in d){
           if (d.hasOwnProperty(item)) {
             console.log("Key is " + item + ", value is" + d[item]);
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