2017-01-05 16:24
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In my PHP project I have the GPS coordinates of two opposite vertices of a rectangle (topleft and bottomright). I need to locate the other two.

Since this is in the standard GPS coordinate system the sites are parallel to the axis. I don't know if the geodetic vs planar base counts. I guess this is easy but my math knowledge is not the best.

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在我的PHP项目中,我有一个矩形的两个相对顶点的GPS坐标(topleft和bottomright)。 我需要找到另外两个。

由于这是在标准GPS坐标系中,因此这些站点与轴平行。 我不知道大地测量与平面基数是否重要。 我想这很容易,但我的数学知识不是最好的。

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  • doumei1908 2017-01-05 16:47

    We'll name the two coordinates x1,y1 and x2,y2 (where x is along, and y is up)


    Top left: x1, y1
    Top right: x2, y1
    Bottom left: x1, y2
    Bottom right: x2, y2
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