doujiu5464 2017-10-27 06:13
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I wonder if it is possible to check the inheritance of a class in a static way.

In cases I get just a class name with its namespace I can do:

    $oObject = new $sClassName();
    if(is_a($oObject, $sParentClassName)) { return true; }

But here it is mandatory to have an instance of that class.

The only static check I have found so far is the following:

    if(method_exists($sClassName, $sMethodNameFromParent)) { return true; }

But checking just for a method is no good, because I can't be sure whether the class in question inherited it from that specific parent, some other parent or implemented it all by itself.

Is there any way to check the inheritance in a static manner? Thanks in advance!

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  • dongling3243 2017-10-27 06:19

    You can use Reflection::isSubclassOf for this.

    class A {}
    class D {}
    class B extends D {}
    class C extends B {}
    $reflected = new ReflectionClass('C');
    echo $reflected->isSubclassOf('B'); // true
    echo $reflected->isSubclassOf('D'); // true
    echo $reflected->isSubclassOf('A'); // false

    No instance of C will be created, and will work even if the class has __construct arguments

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