2014-08-14 14:57
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Using the JSON from this URL(weather station data stored):

How do I get the data for the station "N25 Midleton Bypass"?

I can process the URL, just down know how can I echo the data?

My coding is:

  $json_string = '';
  $jsondata = file_get_contents($json_string);
  $obj = json_decode($jsondata, true);

The Json data I am expecting to get is something like that:

    string(19) "N25 Midleton Bypass"
    string(7) "14 - 16"

I need to get the "0.9", "14 - 16", "2.6" to save into my weather database. Thanks!

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  • doushanlv5184 2014-08-14 15:16

    You'll need to loop through the data to get the station your after then break out of the loop. Or if you want properties for all stations can use $properties within the loop

    foreach($obj['features'] as $feature) {
      if ($feature['properties']['name'] == 'N25 Midleton Bypass') {
        $properties = $feature['properties'];
    echo $properties['wind_speed'];
    echo $properties['name'];
    echo $properties['air_temperature_legend'];
    echo $properties['maximum_wind_speed'];
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  • dsomm80482 2014-08-14 15:00

    just down know how can I echo the data?

    As the var_dump function tells you, you can access your data by simply accessing its fields, like this:

    // echo wind_speed
    echo $obj->wind_speed;
    // echo name
    echo $obj->name
    // echo air_temperature_legend
    echo $obj->air_temperature_legend;
    // echo maximum_wind_speed
    echo $obj->maximum_wind_speed;

    On some recent PHP builds you can even use it like an associative array, with the keys being the fields of your object, just by simply casting your object:

    $arr = (array)$obj;
    echo $arr['wind_speed'];
    echo $arr['name'];

    how can get get these data only from the "name = N25 Midleton Bypass"

    foreach ($objects as $obj) {
        if ($obj->name == 'N25 Midleton Bypass') {
            echo $obj->wind_speed;
            echo $obj->name
            echo $obj->air_temperature_legend;
            echo $obj->maximum_wind_speed;

    You can even go a little further and design a function that accepts the name you want to filter as a parameter:

    function printStationInfo($objects, $station) {
        foreach ($objects as $obj) {
            if ($obj->name == $station) {
                echo $obj->wind_speed;
                echo $obj->name
                echo $obj->air_temperature_legend;
                echo $obj->maximum_wind_speed;

    And use it like this:

    printStationInfo($objects, 'N25 Midleton Bypass');
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