2015-10-20 19:09
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Good day, guys. I'm having trouble in this event. When I clicked the View Result it opens a new tab but I don't want to use that event instead I want to redirect to that page in the same tab instead of opening new tab. Thanks.

This is the code:

onclick='\"student_result.php?testid={$val["testid"]}\", \"_blank\")'>View Result

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  • doushang1964 2015-10-20 19:21

    Just change the target. In your example _blank means "open in a new tab or window". Try _self:

    onclick='\"student_result.php?testid={$val["testid"]}\", \"_self\")'>View Result

    Here is a list of all target options:

    _self: Load the response into the same HTML4 frame (or HTML5 browsing context) as the current one. This value is the default if the attribute is not specified.

    _blank: Load the response into a new unnamed HTML4 window or HTML5 browsing context.

    _parent: Load the response into the HTML4 frameset parent of the current frame or HTML5 parent browsing context of the current one. If there is no parent, this option behaves the same way as _self.

    _top: In HTML4: Load the response into the full, original window, canceling all other frames. In HTML5: Load the response into the top-level browsing context. If there is no parent, this option behaves the same way as _self.

    From MDN

    Some browsers handle this differently, especially if you want to open new windows (aka. pop-ups). Please note: The other users are right. If you want to do it by best-practice, use a common link <a> instead. This way you can also use the above target options.

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