2016-03-02 21:19
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方法名称作为Laravel API中的POST参数

I want to make Laravel RESTful API and also i have something that can send request to www but there is problem - this THING can send only GET and POST. Is there way to configure Laravel to know that i sent method name as a parameter for ex. in _method parameter and redirect to proper Route (i prefer making Route::resource so that's why i'm asking)?

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我想制作Laravel RESTful API,我也有一些东西可以向www发送请求但是有问题 - 这个 THING只能发送GET和POST。 有没有办法配置Laravel知道我发送方法名作为ex的参数。 在_method参数中并重定向到正确的Route(我更喜欢使用Route :: resource这就是我要问的原因)?

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  • dtqf81594 2016-03-03 05:29

    This is called Method Tunneling through POST.

    In many scenarios clients are limited to the HTTP GET and POST methods only. In order to help work-around this limitation, RESTful servers can support method tunneling through POST. The methods that can be executed through tunneling are MERGE, PUT and DELETE.

    To issue a request with method tunneling a client sets up a request with body and headers as needed, but uses POST as the HTTP method instead of the actual required one. It then adds one more header, "X-HTTP-Method", and gives it the value MERGE, PUT or DELETE.

    Servers must check if POST requests have the X-HTTP-Method header set to one of the valid values and if so execute the rest of the request as if the header value was the actual HTTP method for it.

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