2014-07-12 11:25
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使用Go使用参数运行sh / bash / python脚本

I've been stuck on this one a few days, I'm trying to run a bash script which runs off of the first argument (maybe I should give up all hope, haha)

Syntax for running the script can be assumed to be:

sudo bash script argument or since it has og+x it can be ran as just sudo script argument

In go I'm running it using the following:

package main

import (

func main() {
    c := exec.Command("/bin/bash", "script " + argument)
    if err := c.Run(); err != nil {
        fmt.Println("Error: ", err)

I have had absolutely no luck, I've tried loads of other variations as well for this...

exec.Command("/bin/sh", "-c", "sudo script", argument)

exec.Command("/bin/sh", "-c", "sudo script " + argument) (my first try)

exec.Command("/bin/bash", "-c", "sudo script" + argument)

exec.Command("/bin/bash", "sudo script", argument)

exec.Command("/bin/bash sudo script" + argument)

Most of these I am met with '/bin/bash sudo ect' no such file or directory, or Error: exit status 1 I have even gone as far as to write a Python wrapper looking for an argument and executing the bash script with subprocess. To rule out the path to the script not being defined I have tried all of the above with a direct route to the script rather than script name.

For the sake of my remaining hair, what am I doing wrong here? How can I better diagnose this problem so that I can get more information rather than exit status 1?

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  • duankan8739
    duankan8739 2014-07-12 11:42

    You don't need to call bash/sh at all, simply pass each argument alone, also to get the error you have to capture the command's stderr, here's a working example:

    func main() {
        c := exec.Command("sudo", "ls", "/tmp")
        stderr := &bytes.Buffer{}
        stdout := &bytes.Buffer{}
        c.Stderr = stderr
        c.Stdout = stdout
        if err := c.Run(); err != nil {
            fmt.Println("Error: ", err, "|", stderr.String())
        } else {
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