2009-06-08 20:41
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在freebsd中为php mail()指定smtp服务器?

I have two dedicated servers, one of which is configured for sending email out (SPF, DKIM, other domain whitelisting methods, etc). I need to send email from both servers, but I want to send mail from both servers through the server that's been set up for it.

It doesn't look like I can explicitly set an SMTP server directly in the mail function. Is there a way I can override the value set in php.ini, through .htaccess or something?

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我有两个专用服务器,其中一个配置用于发送电子邮件(SPF,DKIM,其他域名白名单方法) 等)。 我需要从两台服务器发送电子邮件,但我想通过已经为它设置的服务器从两台服务器发送邮件。

看起来我不能明确设置 SMTP服务器直接在邮件功能中。 有没有办法可以覆盖php.ini中设置的值,通过.htaccess或其他东西?

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