douxiuyu2028 2014-06-05 12:18
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I have created an example model:

class ExampleModel extends Eloquent {
   protected $table = 'example_model';

Then I tried to call ExampleModel::all() which returned an error function all() does not exist (seems like the class is created but without Eloquent functions). After changing model name (and file name) to Examplemodel (now the model name is one word) it works. The problem is not that I misspelled something as I have checked that like a hundred of times and my file+class names are matching.

Am I missing something about auto loading?

I am on windows so I also tried changing file's name to Examplemodel without changing the class name but it still seems to load the class without Eloquent methods.

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  • dongxian0421 2014-06-05 13:09

    I have found a problem. I had a migration with class same as my model. Laravel is auto loading models with migrations and it thought I was referring to migration instead of a model.

    After fixing that of course I had to run dumpautoload composer command.

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