2017-03-31 18:20
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通过php install找不到与Composer一起安装的软件包

I have installed prewk/xml-string-streamer using Composer into my Xampp PHP install, which lists the installation quite happy through the xampp command line. However when I try to use the package, PHP bugs out the same as it did before the install. I'm trying to do the following:

$streamer = Prewk\XmlStringStreamer::createStringWalkerParser($filename);

as in the xml-string-streamer docs.

I feel I'm missing something obvious, and am aware this might be a specific problem with my setup, but I'm hoping I've missed a step or something.

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我使用 prewk / xml-string-streamer ://getcomposer.org/“rel =”nofollow noreferrer“> Composer 进入我的Xampp PHP安装,它通过xampp命令行列出了安装非常满意的内容。 然而当我尝试使用该软件包时,PHP的错误与安装前的错误相同。 我正在尝试执行以下操作:

$ streamer = Prewk \ XmlStringStreamer :: createStringWalkerParser($ filename); < p>就像在xml-string-streamer docs中一样。

我觉得我错过了一些明显的东西,并且我知道这可能是我设置的一个特定问题,但我希望 我错过了一步或什么。

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  • douduiti3040 2017-04-02 11:44


    I found the above page which answered most of my questions about how to get this to work. I realised I'd installed the package, but not in the correct directory, nor had I included the correct include command to make it work. I'm still getting errors but they appear to be from my buggy code-writing than this problem.

    Sorry for wasting everyone's time.

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